Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?

This is a 100% free mentoring service, run by Weston Jossey and sponsored by Eager Labs. I (Wes) donate an hour of my day, every day of the work week, to mentoring managers and leaders from across the world. My day job is as co-founder of Eager Labs, where we seek to help professional grow in their career, and I wanted to make sure I gave time back every week for free, as I know not everyone can afford professional services.

How many mentors are there?

I (Wes) currently handle the bulk of the sessions, although I may refer you to someone else in the program in the event you have something specific that someone else can better serve you.

Can I become a mentor?

If you’re interested in becoming a mentor, please email me at wes AT eagerlabs DOT com

How do I sign up for a session?

Click here

How many sessions are you doing per week?

Every day, someone can sign up for a free session, depending on my calendar availability. Most weeks, I do a session every day. For those who are in time zones inconvenient to pacific time, I’ll often do late night or early morning sessions in addition to my regularly scheduled five.

What if I’m not a manager?

I’ll meet with you anyway, just make sure that’s clear in your sign up.

Why should I trust your advice?

I’m probably nobody to you, so I get the skepticism. I’m not Andy Grove, but I’ve now spent half of my career either being a manager or building tools to help managers (my current startup), so this is something I think about all the time. If you want, feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile

tl;dr: I’ve been a manager of ICs, a director (manager of managers), and now I’m a founder of my own startup that focuses on professional development.

Is this going to be ongoing sessions or just a one-time thing?

I regularly meet with people more than once, so we can keep pushing towards some ultimate goal together. A lot of participants book a follow up a month out, after we do our initial session. It’s totally up to each person though, and not everyone needs more than one session.

Are you selling me something?

Nope. My company runs a remote cohort program for managers and leaders, but this isn’t some long pitch for you to join that program.

What kind of topics can we discuss?

Whatever topics you want. Some people may want to discuss challenges with one of their direct reports. Another person may want to discuss managing their manager. Another person may want to discuss how to increase team motivation. Someone else may want to discuss challenges with imposter syndrome. Whatever challenges you’re facing, I’m here to listen and try to help.

How would you describe your mentoring style?

I’m probably one of the least dogmatic people you’ll run across. I’m far more interested in helping to empower you to make decisions with the information you have than me telling you what to do. I may suggest different options or things to think about, but I’ll rarely tell you, “Just go do this thing.” Ultimately, you need to own your own choices, and I’m just there to help you reach the best conclusion with the information you have at hand.

What languages do you speak?

Just english! I can read french, slowly, but I can’t speak it.

What type of ways can we meet?

If you live in Los Angeles, I’m happy to try to find an in person location that is convenient for both of us. I live and work in the San Fernando Valley. Otherwise, telephone & video chats are our best bet.

Do you have any licenses or certifications?

Nope. Just experience. If you’re looking for a licensed coach, there are plenty of services out there you can look at purchasing.

Can I just email you instead?

For now, I’m limiting these to actual conversations. Answering a bunch of emails can take a lot of time, and physical meetings helps me cap my time allotment.